New Heroes in Mobile Legends

The new hero in Mobile Legends is called Floryn. She has a magic attribute and assumes a support role. Her ultimate will affect teammates in her area. She also shares a Lantern of Hope with an ally. This item grants added health points and damage. Floryn is an efficient support hero. Players often give her […]

Mobile Legends New Hero Revealed

The new hero in Mobile Legends, Valentina, has been revealed in a cinematic trailer. The video gives us a brief history of the character and explains how she came to be. After losing everything she valued, she accepted a mysterious offer to resurrect her dead husband. This has now made her the Prophetess of the […]

5 Ways to Install Mobile Legends: Chaos Geniuses

Mobile Legends is a popular mobile game that’s been well-received by its players. If you’re just getting started with the game, it can be overwhelming how much content there is to explore. In this article, we’ll go over five ways you can quickly and easily get up to speed on the basics so that you […]