In this article, we will take a look at some of the changes that are coming to Mobile Legends. For starters, the game will have a new Hero. This hero is called Aamon. He is a ranged hero with a giant needle and teddy bear strapped to his waist. This hero could be a new marksman, but there is no information on his class yet. We can expect major changes to the character when it hits the MLBB advanced server, but we won’t know until he hits the regular server.

The next hero is Ultimate Natan. This support mage levitates over the battlefield, and she calls on nature to heal her allies and hinder enemies. Her passive ability grants her access to items, and her ultimate skill heals all allies globally. As with all hero abilities, players should be aware of their life bars to avoid getting hurt by the clone. Using this new hero means a new game experience!

The first skill that Brody has is Abyss Impact, which launches a projectile that deals damage to enemies and grants them Abyss Mark. The more times you hit an enemy with this spell, the more damage they receive. While Brody is not a fast hero, his Corrosive Strike is a potential meta-changing skill. It deals massive damage and stuns enemies, and even heals allies. A second dash allows him to gain additional movement speed.

Phylax will be released in December. It will be a free hero for Christmas or the New Year, but its release date will be brief. In the meantime, Floryn, Aamon, and Valentina are all paid heroes. This is the reason why Phylax is such a good choice for those looking to play an aggressive hero. So far, she’s a great addition to the game!

The next collaboration for Mobile Legends is a collaboration between two companies. Moonton is currently working on a mobile game with Kung Fu Panda characters. As part of the collaboration, three skins will be available for the new hero. Aside from Po, the game will also introduce General Kai and Thamuz. ML Leaks and dafrixkun have a few leaks to share about the collaboration.

During teamfights, a tank will absorb most of the damage that is dealt to the hero. Tanks are often used as bait during teamfights. A tank’s kit focuses on being a meat shield during teamfights. Players can choose from a number of other skills to enhance their performance in the game. The Tough Boots – Favor and Athena’s Shield are good choices. The player can also equip a few different weapons including Antique Curass, Athena’s Shield, Radiance Armor, and Immortality.

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