A Mobile Legends hero is a powerful character in the game. This hero can provide defensive support against enemy buildings and apply pressure to different areas of the map. They can also take objectives at the right time. Each week, eight new heroes are added to the free hero pool. These heroes can be played in unranked mode for free, but only Starlight Members have access to them. Here are the top five tips to help you find the best hero for your team.

Estes: Estes is a support hero who excels in defense. He can sustain multiple lives, and can heal both himself and his teammates. Estes’ second skill slows enemies chasing the team, and his third ability drops a circle-like skill. The enchantment that drops from Estes’ emotes is a powerful tool. This makes Estes a popular choice in ranked games.

Paquito: A great fighter, Paquito can be used in the exp lane. His passive skill can help him deal damage or use the enemy backline as a punching bag. Leomord: Leomord is a relatively forgotten hero in Mobile Legends, but his five-skill set and horse speed make him an excellent choice for sideliner play. Leomord’s ultimate skill is a huge asset, but he doesn’t make for the best overall hero.

Yve the Astrowarden: On February 2nd 2021, Yve the Astrowarden will be added to the regular server. Gloo and Beatrix will be available on the advanced server. Tanks and fighters are great in dueling, but their lower HP and lower armor make them less than desirable. A jungler, on the other hand, can inflict massive damage on enemies while staying hidden.

Lunox: One of the most visually striking heroes in the game, Lunox possesses an edgy, dashing look. A dashing purple eye makes Lunox stand out in the crowd. Lunox is the most devastating player in the game, inflicting the most damage. However, Lunox’s damage output may not match that of his brother, Gusion. That’s why he is regarded as one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends.

Tank: A tank hero is a tougher version of a mobile legends hero. It helps you attack enemies while protecting other heroes that are more vulnerable. Tanks do not have the high damage potential of other heroes, but their durability is still a factor. That means that they can be more useful than their lighter counterparts. With a little research, you can find the best mobile legends hero for your team.

Balmond: An Assassin-type figure, Balmond specializes in damage and regen. His Ultimate Skill is bad and can get you killed instantly. Saber: The first Assassin-type figure in the game with a Legendary skin. The Saber’s Ultimate Skill deals critical damage three times, and his skill is complete. He’s a great choice for solo fights, especially if you have a lot of gold to spend.

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